Jesus’ Unanswered Prayer

As Christians, we have the privilege of calling the Creator God our Heavenly Father too. Because we are praying to a deity with whom we have a real, personal relationship with, prayer is more than just a ‘shopping list’ we bring to God and cross out as He answers it or as we change our mind. God cannot be just our Genie who whimsically does our bidding. If we treat Him as such, I would ask the serious question of who really is acting as God here, us or Him?

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Waking up to Good News

Living in this age, we are inundated with daily emails, proposals and texts that update us on what’s happening both in the world and in our lives. I’m unsure if this is the daily ritual of my friends, but I wake up and fall asleep to notifications from news sources, social media and multiple E-mail accounts. And many times, this news isn’t good: Stagnant attempts by global leaders to promote peace, yet another terrorist attack, or perhaps a more personal blow, such as a rejected job offer or promotion.

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Frustrated by suffering

Our everyday life is peppered with both bright and dark moments, colouring our lives with various depths and intensities. As we toil through the struggles of living, which may rear its head in any form: a sickness, a failed test, a broken relationship, have we  lifted our heads to the Heavens, yelling at the futility of it all? Or, if we don’t believe in a deity, have we mulled over it in the quietness of our hearts? When the music has ceased, and we are left to our own devices, have we ever felt frustrated by the mundane difficulties of daily life?

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Reading the Old Testament

One of my (few) New Years Resolution for 2017 was to read through the entirety of the Old Testament and to expose myself to more teachings and sermons about the Old Testament. There’s no strategy or app to go along with my reading plan, just good ol’ daily cracking open of the Bible, the occasional commentary and hopeful ambition that I will be able to reach the book of Micah by year-end. To 21st-century Christians, going through the compilation of Old Testament books is an arduous, and dare I say, irrelevant task.

After all, we live on the other side of the cross, we are Christians, not Israelites, we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within us, and we await the second coming of Christ, not the first coming of the promised Messiah. Surely, the New Testament would be beneficial in teaching us more about God than the Old?

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