Jesus’ Unanswered Prayer

As Christians, we have the privilege of calling the Creator God our Heavenly Father too. Because we are praying to a deity with whom we have a real, personal relationship with, prayer is more than just a ‘shopping list’ we bring to God and cross out as He answers it or as we change our mind. God cannot be just our Genie who whimsically does our bidding. If we treat Him as such, I would ask the serious question of who really is acting as God here, us or Him?

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The four stages of my wandering heart

I love this time of the year. It promotes the already-present tendency in me to reflect upon my life, both its past and future. I’ve been thinking about my journey of faith that began in early 2015 (right before I started University!), how far I’ve come, and how I’ve stumbled. At the risk of simplifying my struggles and victories, I think there are 4 distinct phases that I’ve passed through in these couple of years and I would love to attempt to articulate them.

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Redeemed Time

We’re all messengers of our individual stories. To this, you might say: Nah, I’m not eloquent enough to share my story; or: my life story is not engaging enough to be retold. I guess the routinary nature of most of our days gives off the impression that every day nothing exciting happens is a day not worth mentioning.  Hence, we wait for weekends, summers, holidays and festive seasons. We wait for the turn of the decade, for our graduation night, for our first pay-check.  Continue reading

You Will Not Save the World

Ouch, what a blow to all the idealists (myself included). A statement like that is probably not something we’d like to hear. If our identity is so intimately intertwined with our desires to cause ripple effects in this world, that statement would cause us to prickle. How dare someone place such limitations on me? You don’t even know me. I don’t think I’m claiming to define your upper-limit, nor am I dictating what you can or cannot do. I’m just here to pose a few questions.

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Identity: Be yourself! Wait, not like that…

Society has a good knack of telling us how to live our lives. The pressures to conform and live up to regulations and standards are as tangible and real as the sights around us.These unspoken expectations infiltrate into the clothes we choose to wear out, the places we frequent, the subjects we study and so on. The words we choose to speak don’t just carry a singular meaning; they’re loaded with subliminal messages and are sometimes dripping with desire to be approved and validated.

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