What’s so good about the Good News?

It’s Christmas season, which holds significance both to Christians and the rest of the world. This season is equated to one of reconciliation, unity, cheer, merriment and joy, which are warm, fuzzy sentiments enjoyed by both the religious and non-religious. How I love this season! As a practising Christian, it holds a fond place in my heart that transcends the family reunions, beautiful gift wrappings, decked-out malls and the resurgence of Vlogmas. It is a day we set apart to remember the birth of our subject of worship, the one we call our Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ.

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The four stages of my wandering heart

I love this time of the year. It promotes the already-present tendency in me to reflect upon my life, both its past and future. I’ve been thinking about my journey of faith that began in early 2015 (right before I started University!), how far I’ve come, and how I’ve stumbled. At the risk of simplifying my struggles and victories, I think there are 4 distinct phases that I’ve passed through in these couple of years and I would love to attempt to articulate them.

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Fake it till you break it

SIDE NOTE: Apologies for the hiatus – the semester has been hectic and manic. Thanks for sticking around and feel free to browse the archives for what you may have missed. Happy reading! 🙂

I have to admit, until recently, I was a big believer of the idea to ‘fake it till you make it’ in life. If you knew me a couple of years ago, back when my speech was crass and methodology unrefined, you will know that I have no qualms in arguing without necessarily holding an opinion; bickering just so I could have the last word. After all, how would the world know your presence if you refused to exert yourself? And how can you exert yourself without the relevant confidence? Realistically, you can’t know everything, and that’s where the ‘faking it’ part comes in. Carry yourself in your personal charisma, confidence and contentment. Play with words and expressions to favour your own argument. Sneaky, I know. Sorry.

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Missing in Action

Hello, hello! It’s been a couple of months since the last update. This is not going to be a proper, fleshed-out post as I’m in the middle of my exams and have not been feeling very up for anything lately. My head-space hasn’t been at its best and although I’m watching over all facets of my daily life, I can’t seem to pinpoint why. Maybe it’s the exam stress, although I hate how much this seems to have a grip on me.

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Birthday Thoughts

So, I turn 20 today! I’m really not a birthday person, and I honestly squirm at anything big and fanciful, of which birthdays have the potential to be one of. A really small gathering of loved ones is my idea of meaningful. Birthdays are like a temporary spotlight, under which I feel really uncomfortable. A double-edged sword, I guess. It makes the occasion (and person) feel special, and it could also be really pressuring. These have been my experiences, anyway.

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Blind spots

I’m not referring to the American drama with a somewhat similar name. Reading the synopsis and ratings has tempted me to start watching it, but every time I’m tempted to start a new series, I’m reminded that:

  1. I have a horrible history of backlogging them (the only series I’ve actually finished is Friends, which is a bit pathetic by anyone’s standards), and;
  2. Not even How To Get Away With Murder could captivate me?! And no plot could be better than that.

I’m every television producer’s worst nightmare.

(I assure you, I do have a point to this post.)

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