Sydney Photo Diary II

Round two of pictures are now here! This time with more cultured pastimes (read: Art Gallery NSW, Museum of Contemporary Art and The Grounds of Alexandria). The art/creative scene in Sydney is buzzing and it was a great experience mooching around the galleries and garden grounds.

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Loads of natural light in the galleries.
Harbour view
The obsession with seafront and harbour views continues. Snapped in between aisles in the NSW gallery.

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If you look closely, those are actually household goods- rolling pins, Tupperware containers etc.
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Trying to understand contemporary art and not just see these as coloured, plastic doors.
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Indonesian protest art.
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Paintings on a straw background.

On the last day before my flight, we took advantage of the sunshine and visited the Grounds of Alexandria. Alexandria is an industrial side of town, so it was a really pleasant surprise to duck into a luscious, green setting with a selection of cafes and other eateries to choose from. The food was really decent (the berry smoothie was absolutely yummy). The vibe was cool as well. Imagine enjoying your meal and cuppa underneath hanging vines and solid timber structures. All I could think about was the maintenance fees and effort that go into the place daily… But, let the pictures speak for themselves!

alexandaria 3.png
Something about eating in a greenery is just so comforting.
cakes alexandria.png
Dessert selection!
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Touring with the locals.
All smiles.

It was such a good experience touring around the little nook and crannies (and those more touristy nooks) of Sydney. In the 4 day-visit, I spent just under $200 (flights excluded) for accommodation (tip: stay with locals!!), food, a couple of magazines, transport and the attractions. Such a worthwhile trip!

Currently sitting in Malaysia now. Not missing the cold weather in Australia and definitely appreciating the sunshine here. Hopefully more photo diaries are on their way! There’s nothing particularly exciting coming up in the next couple of weeks except a dear cousin’s wedding and family birthday celebrations! Always appreciate time spent with loved ones, they’re a blessing and definitely something to be thankful for. 🙂

Speak soon!


Sydney Photo Diary I

I just returned from a week away in Sydney. Leaving the rain and cold in Melbourne behind was a good decision, even for just four days.  I’m terribly aware of the potential friction between Sydney-siders and Melbournians, but I’m still unashamed in confessing that I’m a potential convert towards our north-eastern neighbours.

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Greece III: Santorini

The last leg of our Greece trip! We’ve read about how idyllic Santorini is, it being one of the more famous islands in Greece. Thankfully, we also read that December was a low-peak season in Greece, hence we came prepared for the quietness that greeted us. Most of the restaurants and summer activities were closed when we were there, so it felt far from festive. The weather was good, though, albeit a little chilly, so we still managed the outdoor hike from Oia to Fira (two points on the island). Also, our accommodation was splendid, and gave us a very serene and comfortable stay.

Greece II: Food

Over our span of two weeks in Greece, we have happily indulged in its culinary offerings.Greek food definitely carries a distinct Mediterranean quality, with many dishes consisting generous chunks of grilled meat. Seafood was an attraction here too, particularly in the port town of Nafplio (the second city we visited).

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