I just returned from a week away in Sydney. Leaving the rain and cold in Melbourne behind was a good decision, even for just four days.  I’m terribly aware of the potential friction between Sydney-siders and Melbournians, but I’m still unashamed in confessing that I’m a potential convert towards our north-eastern neighbours.

Sydney was absolutely beautiful. Maybe the full days of sunshine when I was there helped. It was drizzling when I arrived, but the couple of days that followed after were full of warmth and sunshine, perfect for Janelle and myself’s trek from Coogee to Bondi (pictures to follow!)  There was so much to do and so much to see (okay, again, maybe the presence of my Sydney local guide helped), but still. We did quite a bit of outdoorsy stuff, but also visited a couple of art galleries (the New South Wales Gallery of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art), had some sick vegetarian/vegan cuisine and burgers, caught my first animated movie (Finding Dory) in years and mooched around the CBD.

Here are the pictures!

 We walked from Randwick down to Coogee and then Bondi, which took a couple of hours. There were quaint stores along the way and a distracting view of the sea, so it wasn’t a problem at all.

The walk to Bondi through Bronte. Look at the foamy waves!


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If anything can make cemeteries appealing, the Coogee-Bondi walk can.

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‘When I die, make sure you get me a headstone of an angel’- Janelle Tai, 2016.

The trek reminded me a little of our Grecian travels in Santorini, as it was also facing the sea. After, we caught a bus back because we wanted to grab lunch (sandwich construction!)

We headed into the Circular Quay/Darling Harbour/CBD region the next day. (Side note: How not to love Sydney when you’re surrounded by lovely waters?) The CBD is quite similar to the one in Melbourne, but it felt narrower. However, once we got to the dock area, it was more spacious and scenic. (No snaps of the dock area because we were too busy basking in the sun).

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I love CBDs, no matter which state or country I’m in.
Sydney Opera House

Shout-out to this absolute gem of a person for taking me around the past week. We visit each other yearly (such is the Long-Distance Friendship life), and she popped down to Melbourne last year. Thanks for introducing me to your friends, being a rocking and accommodating host and for the many laughs and giggles (especially in museums…). I had a blast chatting with you about art, culture, student life, creative direction, Malaysia and high school memories.

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Favourite person.

Getting away to Sydney was just the thing I needed. I haven’t been to Sydney in ages (more than 15 years?) and being in the vibrant city with one of my favourite-st friend was a great way to spend the week of post-exams. Janelle, you’re such a creative being and I can’t wait to hear about your future endeavours (and be a part of it too!) Thanks for showing me around your hood and for the warm hospitality. I can’t wait to spend more time with you again, whether in Sydney, Melbourne or Kuala Lumpur and chat for ages about nothing and everything. We didn’t even manage to exhaust what we had to say to each other during my trip up to Sydney. (I know, I see it in your eyes.)


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‘Let’s wear the Opera House on our heads’- Janelle Tai, 2016.

Four days aren’t enough when you’re in a beautiful city with a beautiful friend. #aw #stopthecheese. (For reals, though.)

That’s all for the first part of the photo diary! Part II will encompass some snaps of the museums we visited as well as the Grounds of Alexandria (a beautiful setting).

Speak soon!

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