Week 1 of university has officially ended (for me, at least!) Classes have gone into full swing. Since it has only been week 1, lecturers have been more forgiving and not overwhelmed us with truckloads of information. I’m just bracing myself to be mind-blown come week 2..

Flipping through the unit guides, though, the assignment lists are intense. I’m most apprehensive about my Chinese business translation unit, as most of my cohort are native Chinese speakers and it will be competitive! I’ve found myself mentally translating adverts in my head the past few days.

Uni has been great so far, and it feels so good to be back with some of my closest friends, catching up with them over meals and such. Although, I have yet to see many of my friends, due to clashing timetables and overall overwhelming busyness. 😦  Friends, I want to see you again! The weather has been good enough to sit under the sun in, which is pleasant unless you’re inappropriately dressed.

In between lectures, there’s also been Student Life/church meetings to attend, so those require constant juggling. I’ve been so blessed to be able to serve in these capacities. It’s been a great start with outreach the past two weeks, fruitful leaders’ meetings and equipping/vision casting. Excited to see where God is leading us! I also acknowledge how great of a support system I have received through church/my circle of friends; keeping each other spurred on and encouraging each other through words and deeds. It’s more than just finding like-minded folks around you; it’s also about having the same end-goal (of life) in mind: glory to God through service to others.

I’m so happy it’s the end of the week! (Although, since uni is quite flexible, my weekdays can feel like weekends, and vice versa.) I think Saturday will be a camp-in one seeing as I’ll be away on a day retreat on Sunday. I’ll be sharing on a panel with women from different age-groups on the retreat. This will be fun. 🙂

Happy Thursday, wherever you’re at. x
P/S: Thank you, God for everything!