Hello! After a day of travelling, we’ve finally arrived in Melbourne. Slightly unfortunate that we have to be in Australia during the very start of Chinese New Year, but we’ve seen most of our family over the Christmas break and the Sunday before we flew off.

Sunset from the aeroplane seat in Melbourne International Airport.

The brunt of the day was spent cleaning out 2-months worth of cobwebs in our home (which is beginning to feel familial/familiar now) and running errands/buying groceries. Unfortunately my phone is out, so these pictures from my Instagram archives would have to do!

Sun-kissed spot.
I love fiery sunsets! My neighbourhood has amazing ones.

The 3 months spent back in Malaysia were much needed. So many great conversations, fun times, productivity and steps out of my comfort zone with people who are dear to my heart. I’ve made some new friends, reconnected with old and been blessed by everyone’s company and encouragement. God has definitely been faithful and gracious in allowing me to do the things I did, as well as continuously teaching me and preparing me for the next step ahead.
I’m thankful to be able to wake up in one country and fall asleep in another. I know travelling has become much cheaper and more convenient for many people now, but it’s also a luxury not afforded to all. Everything I’m learning and getting from wherever I’m at should be used as service unto God and others (a lesson I’m slowly cultivating). Excited to start a new year with awesome friends, a faithful God and opportunities to do some good somewhere!
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Happy Lunar New Year to all! x