The last leg of our Greece trip! We’ve read about how idyllic Santorini is, it being one of the more famous islands in Greece. Thankfully, we also read that December was a low-peak season in Greece, hence we came prepared for the quietness that greeted us. Most of the restaurants and summer activities were closed when we were there, so it felt far from festive. The weather was good, though, albeit a little chilly, so we still managed the outdoor hike from Oia to Fira (two points on the island). Also, our accommodation was splendid, and gave us a very serene and comfortable stay.

We’ve arrived! Santorini in the morning. 
Cloudy during our second day. 

Atop the 9.8k hike. 


Not the worst views to wake up to. 🙂 
Santorini’s main mode of transportation, donkeys! 
Strays interrupting my quiet reading. 


Azure skies and sea. 
Sneak peeks into the cave-like suite!


Low ceilings to model after the cave-like feels. 


Flying back to Athens via Ryan Air. 
Santorini definitely did not fail to impress. It was a beautiful getaway from the busy state of Athens. I guess the minuses from this leg of the trip was the fact that many restaurants and souvenir stores weren’t open. It was a bit of a damper to the tourist vibes we were expecting. Only 2 restaurants on Oia’s side were open, which meant we didn’t have varied options in terms of dining. Fira was more bustling, hence we spent most of our time there. Our advice would be to go during the spring/early summer period, so as to avoid the big groups of tourists but still enjoy the full amenities Santorini has to offer. 🙂
From this island, we caught a domestic flight back to Athens, then backtracked to Kuala Lumpur via Abu Dhabi. It was a gruelling 16-hour flight with long layovers, but after such a fantastic trip, who would complain?
Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂