A fresh new day similarly calls for new decisions to be made. When the sun peeks over the horizons every morning, it brings with it new opportunities to be grasped, new challenges to be wrestled with, and new discoveries to be unearthed. There’s something deeply soothing about new days. They carry comforting doses of amnesia to ease the pain or sorrows that may have been present in our yesterdays. New days are literally the clock resetting itself for us, giving us another opportunity to make better, wiser and more thoughtful decisions in the next epoch we call a day. If we need an excuse to do things better, to appreciate more, and to love more deeply, there’s no greater wake-up call than that of our morning alarm.

Realistically, though, new days also call for difficult decisions to be made. We don’t always pop out of bed in anticipation of all the exciting potential today may bring. No, we groan at the things we have to get done, the lectures and assignments to tend to, the people we have to meet, the energies we have to pour out, the miles we have to walk, the food we have to cook, and the things we have to face that will inevitably fail to meet our expectations. And so we wile the day away, always waiting for the next hour, the weekend, the holidays. We are all definitely susceptible to this, no matter our circumstances or situations. We could have the best things in the world, but our heart yearns for the things (or person or memory) we cannot have because that’s an essence of our fractured nature.
So, how to make difficult decisions? Most of us will probably look up a 10-step process of logic and reasoning, which will break down the different choices we have in front of us, weigh up the pros and cons of each decision, and critically evaluate the consequences of said choices. This might give us a solution and an answer at the end of the day, but a deep-rooted sense of assurance? Unguaranteed. I think most of us have become so acclimatized to not being deeply assured and secured that we are too afraid to seek this sense of security out anymore. And that eventually leaves us settling for less. Settling for safer options and more secure choices.
But for those who believe in Christ, what does the phrase “more than conquerors” mean? What does it mean to have been liberated to do great and wonderful things through Him who gives us strength? To do good works which He has prepared in advance for us to do? To know that we have been so greatly loved and redeemed that there is now a purpose in which we can channel our strengths, talents and wits to? And to those who might not believe, have you found that source of hope and life yet? The source of joy that transcends all understanding? The ever-present security that never leaves nor forsakes you?
Making difficult decisions will always be a part of us. As long as we are a part of this world, forks in the road will rear its head and force us to choose. Some difficult choices have left me tossing and turning, hesitant and confused. But I’ve learnt that in the midst of difficulty, as long as we put the other person first (without being passive-aggressive, self-entitled or resentful about it), it’s generally the right way to go. Such high standards and a difficult calling, and indeed, only attainable when we have the example of someone who did this very thing (Christ himself). Pour your heart out, knowing that it will be filled abundantly. Love uncompromisingly, knowing you have been loved. Live without fear of the future, knowing every hair on your head has been accounted for. And in everything, be overwhelmingly thankful.
“The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him; Though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand” -Psalm 37:23-24